Useful Software, Apps and Links


Volunteer groups
There are volunteer groups for parks and reserves in many states.
Other groups have similar interests, but may not be confined to parks and reserves.


Online discussion groups
  • Chasing Game discussion forum. Lots of discussion on the wide range of game cameras, including home-built. Mainly for the hunting type.
  • Camera Traps Yahoo discussion group, for those interested in wildlife monitoring using camera traps.
  • Wildlife Camera Trapping Facebook page
  • Camera Trap wildlife monitoring Facebook page


Useful Software
Photo/video stuff
  • SpyPoint software which joins a series of photos into a video file. Great for time lapse photos.
  • GeoSetter software allows you to view and edit EXIF data from your photos, set coordinates and map your camera locations using Google maps.
  • Time Lapse photo processing. If you use time lapse photography, you can end up with thousands of photos to sift through. The University of Calgary has made available some software which automatically screens all images for unusual shapes etc.
  • Camera Base software is a simple database for managing thousands of photos plus your observations and identities of your sightings.
  • Camelot is open-source software for wildlife reserachers and conservationists.
Fauna sightings/atlases
Mapping and recording
  • CyberTracker allows you to build a data capture sequence for recording just about anything, including GPS location.
  • EpiCollect allows you to develop simple data collection sequences for use on Apple and Android devices. Photos and GPS data can also be collected.
  • QGIS. Create, edit, visualise, analyse and publish geospatial information on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD (Android coming soon). Free and open source.
  • Museum Victoria Field Guide apps. Field guides to a wide range of fauna for every Australian state and territory. Available in iOS and Android versions. Source code for the app is available for free download.
  • Field Guide to Pest Animals of Australia. iOS only
  • QuestaBird is an outdoor adventure game where players compete by photographing birds in the wild. Join quests, earn gold, buy supplies, gain levels, build your collection - and help document and protect Australia's biodiversity. Android only.
  • GAIA Guides. Online and mobile field guides for Australian fauna. You can even make your own custom guide.
  • The ALA Biocollect site provides website and app tools to make data recording easier.