ScoutGuard produce a range of surveillance cameras so you're sure to find something to suit your needs and budget here. 

When is a ScoutGuard not a ScoutGuard?

ScoutGuard is one of the more variable brands in the camera trap market because of the different number of manufacturers that produce a ScoutGuard branded product, as well as some creative marketing by some suppliers.

The original ScoutGuard cameras were manufactured by Boly Media Communications. However, ScoutGuard branded cameras are also manufactured under licence by HCO Outdoors (HCO ScoutGuard). Other manufacturers are KeepGuard and BolyGuard. In some markets (especially Australia), you can get cameras from multiple companies all being sold as "ScoutGuard". KeepGuard cameras are sold as ScoutGuard cameras by some suppliers, but have a KG model number.

The problem is that even though the cameras look similar and, in some cases, use identical model numbers, the internal components and firmware can be different. This, coupled with differences in quality control checks, can lead to big differences in camera quality and reliability. I've got a copy of a honours thesis where the student was using camera traps to monitor plover nests (Clutch fate and success of the hooded plover (Thinornis rubricollis); Renée Mead; Deakin University; 2012). She deployed 81 cameras in various locations along the Victorian shoreline, consisting of ScoutGuard KG680V and SG550 cameras (mostly KG680V). As stated in the thesis: "Twenty cameras were faulty as supplied, whereby the timestamp would automatically reset to a random date, without any interference with the camera."

We only sell original ScoutGuard cameras from Boly Media and we check all cameras are working properly before shipping them out.

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 ScoutGuard EcoGlow  
ScoutGuard EcoGlow
A white flash 8 MP camera with video capability.
Most useful where colour pictures are required for night time shots
 ScoutGuard Zero Glow 8M  
ScoutGuard Zero Glow 8M
An infrared flash 8 MP camera with zero glow during night time operation.
Capable of HD (1280 x 720) video and time lapse capture.
 ScoutGuard Zero Glow 8M  
ScoutGuard Zero Glow 10M
An infrared flash 10 MP camera with zero glow during night time operation.
HD video (1280 x 720). Can also be triggered by motion during time lapse programming.
 ScoutGuard security box front view  
ScoutGuard Security Box
Front view
 ScoutGuard security box open with camera  
Open with camera in position
 ScoutGuard security box locked with cable
Locked with padlock and secured with cable lock