Camera modifications

Where I do most of my camera trapping, I'm trying to obtain pictures of local fauna such as Brush-tailed PhascogalesBush Rats and Agile Antechinus. It can be difficult to distinguish between a Bush Rat and an introduced species (see Museum Victoria's explanation) and between the Agile Antechinus and the House Mouse. I wanted to get closer shots with higher definition so I could see more detail of the animals, but the cameras I was using (Scoutguard 550 series) wouldn't focus at a close enough range.
Camera Box External View

I had been using a custom made camera box to get closer shots with good contrast. The box provided a very controlled environment for triggering the camera and getting good photos of small mammals, as well as the occasional lizard. However, the photos were a bit blurry because the box was shorter than the camera’s normal focus range. After some thinking, research and internet digging, I found some corrective lenses which would bring the focus range down to less than 1 m. In fact, I can get photos as close as 15 cm. This allows the camera to be used for some interesting projects, such as nest box monitoring, surveying for small mammals, reptiles and even insects (although the last is best in time-lapse mode).
Camera Box Internal View
I can produce custom fitted lenses of various strengths, depending on your monitoring requirements. The lens is mounted using magnets, which attach to a small metallic mounting plate stuck to the camera, so they can be easily removed if you want to use the camera normally. I make these individually, depending on the camera and lens combination, but cost will be about $35 per lens. If you want help pursuing your interesting project, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me.
What can be achieved with a close focus lens

Photos can be joined to make a video showing behaviour