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If you want advice and prices on Reconyx, ScoutGuard or Loreda cameras and accessories, or if you wish to discuss training in camera trapping for a group, please contact me via:

Mobile: 0417 770 765

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Keep an eye on things

Battery powered motion sensitive or time lapse game or trail cameras are a cost-effective way to monitor the environment and to keep an eye on things while you're not around.

  • Use as a camera trap to survey for wildlife, game and pest animals
  • Work out what and who is using burrows, waterholes, tracks, gates and trails
  • Use as a security camera for farms and other remote areas with no power supply

Check out our range of Reconyx, ScoutGuard, Moultrie and SpyPoint game cameras, as well as accessories. Great discounts for bulk purchases and permanent discounts for non-profit volunteer groups. If you're not sure what you need, start with the Camera Choice page, or contact me for advice and prices.

Special on security cameras

We've got a special running on the Reconyx SM750 licence plate cameras. These cameras have been specially designed to capture registration plate numbers of vehicles travelling at speed, avoiding the washout from headlights. Other cameras can be suitable for daytime monitoring of driveways and gates, but this camera is THE one for night time work. With a trigger speed of 0.1 sec they don't miss much. Check out the full specs and the photo gallery below.

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Special Offer

If you're purchasing on behalf of a non-profit community or volunteer group in order to conduct wildlife or other monitoring, please contact me for an extra special deal. If you're a Friends group, Landcare, Conservation & Wildlife Management hunting group, Field Naturalists Club, Trust For Nature property, Land For Wildlife property, environmental group or similar, you can get the following discounts.

● 15% off ScoutGuard cameras
● 10% off Reconyx cameras
● 10% off all accessories
● Further discounts for packages and bulk buys.

Latest accessory

The latest accessory is aimed at those who are trying to monitor arboreal fauna. Placing camera traps in trees has always been a bit fiddly, especially if trying to find those two trees just the right distance apart. With a tree mounted camera arm and a close focus lens on the camera, focus distance is always the same and mounting can be done anywhere you can reach, with a ladder or without. Check out the accessories page.


Close focus lens accessory
I can produce custom fitted lenses which allow the camera to focus at ranges less than 1 m, down to about 15 cm. This allows the camera to be used for some interesting projects, such as nest box monitoring, surveying for small mammals, reptiles and even insects (although the last is best in time-lapse mode). The lens is mounted using magnets, which attach to a small metallic mounting plate stuck to the camera, so they can be easily removed if you want to use the camera normally. Check out the modifications page for more details.